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So this is real life?

19. 02. 2009.

With all the noise about cloud computing, I can’t help but wonder – in this little provincial corner of the world called “Zagreb, Croatia”, how much of that is reality and how much is marketing / coolaid / technohype?

cloud computing on the river

We’ve seen technical fads and trends come and go.When I think about the real customers my company is dealing with day to day, cloud computing is about as far away from their budgets and planning as stratocumulus are from the streets we walk on on our way to the next customer meeting.

“So this is real life, you’re telling me?” – that was a great song from a great post-punk band. The band was “Magazine“, the album was “Play”.

I’m reminded of a recent TWiT episode. They were talking about people getting shut out of their Gmail accounts and not being able to do anything about it, since Google is “famous” for it’s super-friendly human faced customer support. “Cloud computing at it’s finest” growled the ever-cynical John Dvorak. And as usual – he was right.

I’m not saying cloud computing is a bad thing or a good thing. It may be one and it may be the other. I’m just saying it’s currently super-hyped, and all the analysts, marketers, consultants, pundits and bloggers singing it’s praises might do their customers a favour hedging the hype with a bit of salty reality.


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