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Top 9 day-named songs

20. 02. 2009.

What are your favourite songs named after days of the week? Here’s a list off the top of my head (ok with a little browsing) – nominations welcome!

  1. Looking for the heart of Saturday night
  2. They call it stormy Monday
  3. Sunday morning coming down
  4. Sun comes up, it’s Tuesday morning
  5. Wednesday morning, 3 a.m.
  6. Sunday bloody Sunday
  7. I don’t like Mondays
  8. Ruby Tuesday
  9. Manic Monday

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  1. Vatro permalink

    “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure 😉

  2. ispigel permalink

    Thanks Vatro!

  3. GecDra permalink

    New Order — Blue Monday
    The Mamas and The Papas — Monday, Monday
    Azra — Nedjelja popodne
    Obojeni program — Eliot je sreda

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