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Hidden little jazz secrets

05. 03. 2009.

I’ve been aware of the “Jazz program Lisinski” for years. It’s always been one of those things in the back of my head, that I knew “might be nice to check out” but never really got around to it.


When I found the time to go to a jazz concert, it was usually the much better marketed and promoted festivals such as “Zagreb Jazz Festival”, “Springtime Jazz Fever” and others – which have presented really great musicians over the years.

The jazz program in the Lisinski concert hall has always been kind of “modest” and low profile. However towards the end of last year I realized I had been missing a great find. The occasion was a concert by the excellent Kenny Werner Quintet. I almost didn’t get a ticket as they were close to being sold out long before the event date. At the concert, I figured out that a small conspiracy was taking place. The organizers, and the participating audience, new what was going on. A great series with a knowledgable, select audience in a small setting. No marketing or promotion was needed – the smaller hall of the Lisinski concert hall was apparently routinely sold out. But ha! I was now on to them!

So – a new discovery: Jazz at Lisinski. Seems good enough to take their word for it even if I don’t know the artists appearing. Well – tomorrow (March 6th) it’s the French / Israeli pianist Yaron Herman with his trio.


Looking forward to it very much! And if any of my blog or twitter readers / followers are interested – see you there! And if you miss this one – the program continues 🙂


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