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Welcome back Clay!

14. 03. 2009.

So it seems that Clay Shirky is back to blogging!

That’s excellent news, as Shirky is one of the most interesting thinkers and writers out there. I had the pleasure of reading “Here comes everybody” last summer and it’s a must read for anyone wanting to get a better understanding of the whole “Society 2.0” thing, and which he talks about in a lengthy speech.

The history of Shirky’s web writing is interesting in it’s own right. His site links to writing, interviews and other content from and about Shirky all the way from 1996. to about 2004. Much of that stuff is so good and interesting that it’s worth reading in detail in spite of the fact that it’s several years old. Then there was a long break (at least as far as I know!) until he published “Here comes everybody” and set up a blog on the corresponding web site – again with very, very interesting content and again time-limited, from Feb to May of 2008.

And now he’s back, with a very, very rudimentary “WordPress 101” blog and three posts so far. Wow – even my own blog has more features than that one, and I’m a total beginner myself. But of course – what matters aren’t the widgets, add-ons, buttons or tag clouds but what’s written. And for really, really good writing on the Internet, with a particular focus on the ongoing debate about the future of media in general and newspapers in particular, you could do much worse than to closely follow that blog.

Welcome back, Clay!


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  1. good article. keep up the good work.

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