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Spring & Zagreb & Jazz

22. 03. 2009.

Well it seems more jazz is coming to Zagreb in the spring than I’ll be able to track & enjoy… Oh sweet problems.

The team at Lisinski & HDS Jazz club is bringing us 19th Spring Jazz Review, a week or so after that Drazen Kokanovic is once again unveiling Jazzarella – the 4th “All Women’s Jazz Festival”. It would be really good to have the time to go to all the concerts of both events, but unfortunately many other things are standing in the way – hanging out with friends, football and other pursuits.

The Lisinski / HDS series of jazz concerts is particularly intriguing for it’s stealth marketing, which I’ve written about before. Well now they’re offering four really interesting concerts, and I’ll plan to be at the first one, starring Alex Acuna. Acuna was part of the great, great Weather Report, who I had the pleasure of hearing in Zagreb more years ago than I care to remember, on their “Heavy Weather” tour – a very memorable concert with possibly WR’s strongest lineup, including the immortal Jaco Pastorius. So I’ll be expecting nothing but the best from this unusual trio of Acuna (from Peru) teaming up with two Norwegians. I just hope there are still tickets available with only one week to go until the concert!


Next up is Drazen Kokanovic with his lineup of jazz ladies. No doubt Jazzarella will be as exciting as all of Drazen’s events. In this case I’m looking forward to Stacey Kent, whom I first came to know through the “St. Germain du Pres Cafe” series of CD’s, and later through her “Dreamsville” album.


So in the unlikely event of any of the readers of this blog planning to hear Acuna and/or Stacey Kent in the Zagreb jazz spring – see you there!


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