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Europe as backwater? Some think not!

25. 03. 2009.

My colleague Berislav from the Zagreb Web scene commented on the previous post, disagreeing with my view. I found his argument good enough to “pull out of the comments” – which of course doesn’t mean I agree with him, but let a 1000 flowers bloom:

Berislav Lopac Says:

I would say that Europe is far from lagging behind when it comes to social media, and especially using this list of events is misleading. First of all, Europe has had its share of online social media successes — iWiW, Xing, even Tulumarka; actually, if we check the list of social networking sites it’s noticeable that the majority is either based or popular in Europe. (That being said, I’ve always wondered how come Skype never turned its popularity to a SN site?)

And regarding the Mashable’s list you link to, I notice a number of glaring omissions which would make the rate you quote much more favourable for Europe. You should compare the list with the one I’m running on Upcoming and which is aggregated here, and you’ll see a few events they have missed: The Next Web in Amsterdam; WWW 2009 in Madrid; Internet World, WebTech eXchange, Mobile Web 2.0 Summit, Fuel 2009 and @media 2009, all in London. The list goes up only to July, but autumn has a few of the really important events, such as Picnic 09 in Amsterdam, The Future of Web Apps in London, LeWeb in Paris, and of course Web.Start in Zagreb. :)

And I even didn’t mention the borderline events such as Red Herring or TED Global, strictly local events such as PODIM or Web::Strategija, a bunch of BarCamps and of course the mini Seedcamps.


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