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FB baby

25. 03. 2009.

Well this is really a first for me. I wander over to my Facebook account to see if there’s anything new. I don’t use FB much, just trying to get a feel for how it works… Anyway, there amongst the innumerable frivolous, banal and completely unimportant announcements, games, pokes etc. – a not so frivolous announcement. A friend and colleague became a dad, for the second time, about half an hour before I logged in. And there was the announcement – on my Facebook page.

Well… I’ve heard about friends having kids in many different ways before – but never on Facebook. Jeeez…

But anyway Miro here’s to Vesna and you and the kids – the one you’re already having all the same strange issues with as the rest of us are, and the small newborn which will motivate you to remember all the baby-parenting skills from a few years back. Best of luck and all the best! 🙂 🙂


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  1. Miro permalink

    Ivo, thank you…
    Well, we’re living in the allways connected world, so why not use it for such important announcement 🙂

    FB on the mobile is very convenient when you are waiting in the hospital…

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