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Social Media = Liquid Water

04. 04. 2009.

Well I really wonder who invented the term “Social Media”. Isn’t it brilliant? What other kind of media is there – “personal media”?

The only kind of media that makes any sense is social by definition. We live in a society in which everyone is connected. Even Ted “Unabomber” Kaczynski, trying to get as far from society as he could, stayed in touch and communicated via his stupid, violent mail bombs, and in fact leveraged media to get his message across.


Ted Kaczynski's cabin in Montana

So – what media *isn’t* social? The term “Social Media” makes as much sense as “round wheel” or “liquid water”.

Water... wow - it's liquid!

Water... wow - it's liquid!

But then again the nature of society and media is that terms are coined which don’t make much sense or are illogical, but they start to make sense over time because of the way we use them. The context creates the sense and the meaning, and it doesn’t make much sense to fight and protest and argue from a purely logical or ideo-logical point of view. Even Leo Laporte with his huge TWiT army and massive popularity couldn’t get “podcast” turned into “netcast”, so the only place you can still hear that term is in the opening sequence of the TWiT podcast – “Netcasts you love… from people you trust.” It’s a nice intro, Leo, but maybe it’s time to give it up and change that to “Podcasts you love…” We sure do love ’em but it’s okay to call them what they are.


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