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Stalkers from Graz

21. 05. 2009.

Remember Bowie’s “… Spiders from Mars”? Well, the latest thing is “Stalkers from Graz”…

I went on over to see what gives on my Twitter account on this nice and sunny Zagreb morning. After a few minutes I noticed I had one new follower, clicked on that to see who it might  be (hopefully not one of those “Daria3345” spammers)… Well lo and behold: Arnold Shwarzenegger (@Schwarzenegger)! W00t! “As California’s 38th Governor I look forward to hearing from you.” says he in his Twitter bio.

I looked around a bit to check if this was a fake or not. As far as I could tell from a brief look it seems to be the genuine article. Now that’s surprising to me. I thought the idea about celebrities is that everyone follows them… I never had much interest in Oprah, Shaq, Ashton or any of those folk on TV, so never felt much of a need to follow them on Twitter either. Now I have to wonder, though. Why would this guy, born in Graz not so far away from Zagreb, have an interest in me and my tweets? Is it because most of them are in English, because I’m so smart and good looking, or because he actually knows Croatian and is subscribed to Mreža and Forbes (Cro. edition) where I write monthly columns?

If he’s following my tweets chances are he’s reading this blog as well, so Arnie my man, feel free to get in touch directly (see “About” on the blog) and I’ll make some time to chitchat with you about Croatian vs. California politics, the Tesla roadster and Graz as a cultural center vs. shopping destination.

Now that I’m on a roll, who knows which other famous Web celebrities might follow me on Twitter? Ev? Biz? Fred Wilson? The sky’s the limit!


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  1. It’s a very interesting subject I was looking around about more information but you got really what i was looking for in your article so thanks and keep it up you have a great blog , by the way Graz is a very lovely city I enjoyed it so much

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