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Wow! Twitter is Web-blind!

04. 06. 2009.

I found out something really strange today. After many days and more than 1500 tweets, I found out for the first time that Twitter is Web-blind!

More accurately – if you put a web link in a tweep, and you *don’t* properly format the URL (i.e. – you write instead of – that link won’t be hyperlinked and your followers won’t be able to click on it. They’ll have to copy / paste it manually into their browser.

Now jeezus – talk about a bongled user interface – arrrgghh 😦

Of course one of the reasons I never noticed this is that most of us use URL shorteners most of the time, especially if we’re tweeting from a client application (my current favorite is Seesmic). In today’s case however, the client I mentioned in my tweet was a Croatian bank called “Privredna banka Zagreb” which has a short and simple acronym – PBZ – hence the simple url – No need or even use for,, or any of the other tools. So I tweet about them and a colleague DM’s me saying “your links don’t work”. Puzzled, I go back, look into it, DM myself to double check and sure enough: is dead, links just fine.

Sheeesh – you’d think with so many users and all that funding they’d be able to figure this one out. So if anyone out there knows @Ev or @Biz – give them a hint (yeah, yeah, I know – of *course* they alredy know this – just kidding – but that makes it even worse)!


UPDATE: Apparently this issue is not as simple as I’ve written in this post. Links sometimes work and sometimes not, perhaps depending on he app used to tweet & read – particularly Seesmic. Will check into this in more detail and report – thanks for your patience!


UPDATE: I emailed John Yamasaki of Seesmic alerting him to the issue, figuring a) they know already, b) who knows if and when he’d reply. His reply came back in 8 minutes via mail and Twitter – they would look into it. I was completely stunned and floored by the speed of this response, and quite intrigued – if I’m really the first person to have drawn their attention to the issue, I’d be really happy to have helped with that in a small way.

I’ll keep you posted as this develops – watch this space 🙂


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  1. Can you provide more information on this?

  2. I really liked your blog!

  3.’s done it again! Great article!

  4. Hah I’m actually the first comment to your amazing article?

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