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“Walking” songs

14. 12. 2009.

Some time ago I posted “Top 9 Day-named songs”. Here’s another list for your listening pleasure – new suggestions are welcome. Songs that have some form of “walking” in the title, click on the performer’s names to listen to the songs below.

(Update – some of these are reader contributions, thanx to all and keep’ em comin’ 🙂  Just one small request – try and refrain from searching the Net (bad form, old chap!), think of songs you know without benefit of Search)

1. Just walking in the rain (Johnnie Ray)

2. Walking in the rain (Grace Jones)

3. These shoes were made for walkin’ (Loretta Lynn)

4. Walking after midnight (Cowboy Junkies)

5. Walking my baby back home (Johnnie Ray)

6. Walk on the wild side (Lou Reed)

7. I walk the line (Johnny Cash)

8. Walking on broken glass (Annie Lennox)

9. Walkin’ on sunshine (Eddie Grant)

10. Walk away (Tom Waits)

11. Walk on (U2)

12. Catwalk (Mal Waldron)

13. Walking on the moon (Police)

14. Walking in Memphis (Marc Cohn)

15. You’ll never walk alone (Gerry and the Pacemakers)

16. Walk of life (Dire Straits)

17. Walk on by (Dionne Warwick)

18. Just a closer walk with thee (Preservation Hall Jazz Band)

19. Walking in my shoes (Depeche Mode)

20. Walk this way (Run DMC w/ Aerosmith)

21. Walk like an Egyptian (Bangles)

22. Walking after you (Foo Fighters)

23. Walk like a man (Four Seasons)

24. Walking in space (Hair)

25. Walking on the water (The Blue Velvets

26. Walter’s walk (Led Zepellin)

27. Walk in my shadow (Free)

28. Walking the dog (Rolling Stones)

29. Walk (Pantera)


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  1. You have to add in some Leonard Cohen and Morpine. Some great choices there but the great walking tunes are missing!

  2. ispigel permalink

    Hey thanks for the comment – specific suggestions? Must have “walking” in the title in some way shape or form!

  3. Tihana Ana Re permalink how about Mal Waldron – Catwalk, huh? 🙂

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