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Two faces of Zagreb

11. 02. 2010.

It was fascinating and saddening to see and experience the two faces of Zagreb in the span of 24 hours.

Yesterday, Feb 10th, I joined thousands of protesters fighting against the destruction of Zagreb’s historical center. During the night, at 3.30 in the morning, special forces moved in, arrested 23 peaceful protesters and destroyed a beautiful wooden “Trojan horse” because the mayor of Zagreb could not stand the sight of this symbol of corruption staring him straight in the face.

Today, MiniSeedCamp was organized in Zagreb. 20 fantastic high tech startup teams from all over the region came together and showed the potential and enthusiasm of Southeast Europe’s high tech enterpreneurs. All of us at the event agreed that the creativity, innovation and energy was fantastic and inspiring.

So, in one day Zagreb sunk to a new low of special forces acting against peaceful protesters and reached a new high of becoming, if even for a day, the high tech capital of the European startup scene.

It’s really great to be part of the latter. But I could not help but be part of the former as well.

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