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A blog for when Twitter entries are too short 🙂

You can find & contact me in various places:


email: ivo.spigel (at) (professional) or

ivo.spigel (at) (personal)


My company is Perpetuum Mobile

I’m a contributor at NowEurope, and a columnist at Mreza magazine and the Croatian edition of Forbes.


  1. Arun permalink

    I’m trying to find a good Croatian language translation of ‘Dubliners’ for a friend-I’m located in the States and was wondering whether it’s possible to buy one online – I’m sure this must seem an odd request coming from an absolute stranger, but I’d definitely appreciate any help – and thanks for the wonderful passage from ‘The Dead’.

  2. ispigel permalink

    Hi Arun, best to contact me on the above email and I’ll see if there’s any way I can help!

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